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Welcome to my first blog... I promise it will improve with time

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. I hope to make this a semi-regular new venture for me. I'm only about a decade late to the "blog party", but here I am! But "who ARE you" you may ask... let's start with introductions. I'm Karen. The co-owner of Windmill Acres Farm-East. I guess I'm the CMO of our beef business, though I've only taken one Marketing class in my life. I'm a full time HR Executive.. you know the "people person". Also have been know as the "grim reaper"., thought I really hate that vile title. I real prefer to think I am more of a people developer, a culture creator and an all around geek of the profession. I intend to use this blog to share my life adventures with you. My life is full of stories that you just can't make up... mostly from traveling. I'm a target of the TSA. But more about that in future blogs. I'm an author of a non fiction (Say I Won't) and have a few other novels in the works. I will introduce you to my pound puppy, Loretta.. who is the subject of one of my novels in the works. She has quite a social media following with her own stories. I will also share some of my favorite "she farmer" stories with you. Basically, I'm going to hopefully create a space here to give you a peek inside my life, laugh at me and with me and maybe even be inspired. So... until next time! Stay tuned...

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