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Say I Won't- A Non-fiction novel by Karen Fishel

Eight seconds…

The time that separates the winners from the losers.

Sixteen-year-old Wesley had his heart set on an eight-second ride that February morning. As he lowered himself onto the bull inside the chute, his heart raced with anticipation and excitement. His head nodded. The chute opened. Cowboy and bull released into the stage of competition. Tragedy struck. His lifeless and broken body laid face down on the dirt floor of the arena. Trampled by the 1900-pound bull he sought to conquer. The once cheering crowd silenced, frozen with fear. But where the heartbeat stops, God's plan takes over.

What could possibly be God's plan for this young cowboy? For the audience? For the nation?

Embark on this journey and experience a modern miracle that defied all odds, baffled medical professionals, and transformed lives around the world. As every person would say, “That cowboy can't,” that cowboy responded, “Say I Won't.”

It all started with one heartbeat of an eight-second ride…

Say I Won't is the true story of our son, Wesley Fishel who in 2017 was trampled while competing in our NC High School Rodeo. If you are searching for a story about tragedy, faith, the power of prayer and a modern day miracle.... this is it.

Available on Amazon and Audible.

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